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Fading Into Reality
Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC was formed in the beginning of 2008. The CEO, Pamela E. Bailey, wants to assist in nonvoilently transitioning the world into one where there are no haves and havenots. She wants to create a new social conscienciousness by encouraging everyone to celebrate their uniqueness. The name for the project for nonviolent social change is the "I Follow My Feet" Movement. Pamela does not see herself as a leader. She doesn't like the word "leader" because it often means that people are not thinking for themselves. Therefore, Pamela requests that we all walk together in a line following our own feet and doing our own thinking. Our actions should be according to our beliefs.

In Pamela's vision, being flexible and open to quickly changing situations will be critical to all remaining nonviolent. When threatened, people with power will make deals and offer up people right and left in an effort to keep what they have. Try not to react to the shifting sands. Know that in the end all people will share equally from a financial standpoint, with all having opportunities to reach their dreams without having to jump impossible barriers and all of our points of diversity will remain.

One of the major goals with Pamela E. Bailey's writing is to entice the reader to think. She wants people to begin to choose in the moment and to totally understand the consequences of their choices in that moment of choosing. She asks readers to question their beliefs and understanding of reality, truth, eternity and the power of choice.

We want to hear from you! Interaction with our readers is very important to us. Send us a message on the contact page and let us know what you think about the book and/or web sites.

Our site is a living entity and subject to change, so keep coming back to see the new developments.
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