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The "Shades of Gray - Who I Am" book was Pamela E. Bailey's first attempt at writing fiction. Pamela's first commercial non-fiction book, "Human Nature Manifesto: I Choose" was published in November of 2009. Both books are available in paperback,hardback, Kindle and Sony Reader.

Pamela is also known for her teaching, programming and number crunching abilities. She often tells people that at more than 50 years old she is still trying to "find out what she wants to do when she grows up." Hopefully, you'll soon agree that she has found her calling and can end the quest of discovery!

In 2011, the company added publishing as a service provided to customers. Having gone through the process six times, Pamela feels that she is an expert in both receiving services and providing services for her own books. Pamela feels that good communication and delivery on all promised services are the keys to successful publishing.
Pamela is a native of Macon, Georgia USA. She earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and worked for 15.5 years in the petroleum industry in various capacities. After being downsized, she decided that she would "find out what she wants to do when she grows up." She worked in the bedding industry for 11.5+ years. She now works full time running Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC.
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