Shades of Gray Are Fading Into Reality

Pamela spent many years in therapy trying to understand:

Back in 1986 in a room full of the colors black, white, red and gray, a sudden peace came over Pamela and she thought "Shades of Gray Are Fading Into Reality." It was meaningless to her therapist when she shared the thought. However, to Pamela, it was life changing.

In a world full of binary life choices that play out as good versus bad, reality is actually somewhere in between good and bad because of those shades of gray. People see your actions and attach meanings to them. Because they don’t know your true intentions behind those actions – they make stuff up that, oftentimes has no basis in fact. People’s interpretation relates to who they are and why they act and not who you are and why you act. Over time, all will be revealed. This means that life is constantly fading into reality with a meaning that will be revealed when we die and our soul goes to whatever place our life choices have earned for us.

Inspired by the song "One of Us," sung by Joan Osborne, Pamela knew that she would one day write a book with that theme. She wondered how the world would view and treat an emissary from a higher being in this very modern and high tech world. Character Asha Day is that fictional person. Purchase the book "Shades of Gray - Who I Am" to see how that story plays out in Pamela's mind.

Continuing with her quest to make people think and fully become who they choose to be, Pamela's second book includes Choice Hypotheses. These hypotheses are theories about ways in which we can show the world who we are and create the circumstances and opportunities for ourselves that we desire. Next year, Pamela will engage everyone in a discussion about choice. Keep visiting this web site to discover the details on how you can also participate.
What does "fading into reality" mean?
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